Beach spider. Never seen one so far out on the sand. Camouflaged amazingly well, though. #arachnid #arthropod #spider #macro

Tiny grasshopper. #macro #insert #arthropod

Little beetle. I like its antennae. #macro #arthropod #insect

Bumblebee. #macro #arthropod #insect (en Mystic seaport in Connecticut.)

Not sure what this is, but it’s resting on a 200 year old headstone at the old Baptist cemetery in Brandon, VT. #insect #arthropod (en Baptist Cemetery)

Small #spider. #arachnid

Dragonfly. It was gracious enough to let me get quite close.

Pretty, large wasp (?). About 1.5”. (en Lake George Beach)

Centipede. About 2” long. (en South Haven County Park)

i’m imagining it right now. you can’t stop that.

My 7yr old had her blood drawn a few days ago. While waiting to brush her teeth, she looked at the bandage on her arm (covering a long-since-healed puncture).

"Sometimes I imagine that this little hole is still bleeding, and that this [bandage] is filling up with blood."

"Don’t imagine that. You’re going to gross yourself out," my wife replies.

"I’m imagining it right now. You can’t stop that."